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Mission statement

Centre for Self Reliance (CSR) is a Bosnian non-governmental organization that has been working in Sarajevo and the surrounding region since 1996. It is dedicated to bringing people with limited physical ability out of isolation and placing them into the mainstream of society, thereby improving their lives and enriching the community at the same time. CSR raises public awareness of both the difficulties and the human rights of all persons with disabilities (PWDs) in order to increase their access to equal employment and life opportunities. It assists individuals with limited physical ability to adjust their formal education, skills and habits to the current reality of their lives and continue to be active.

One of the critical differences between our Center and other associations for disabled people is that we address common issues for all disabled people in our community, rather than focusing on single issues relating to specific disabilities. For example, we do not differentiate among pre-war people with disabilities, civilian victims of the war or war veterans, or among nationalities. Despite the cause of the disability, and regardless of person’s origin, needs remain the same. The Center also does not discriminate between ethnicity, race, gender, or age. We encourage everyone to participate in the variety of programs we organize and offer, in order to develop and improve their skills, socialize, network, and eventually have an equal chance for employment as any other member of the society.

3) Providing vocational training. This includes individually tailored vocational training courses with intensive use of the Internet, practical work in workshops and ateliers that lead to self-employment, or to employment within the CSR network and/or to employment elsewhere. By continuing to sponsor training courses, CSR hopes to not only increase the skills of particular individuals, but also create the foundations for an expanded training center.

1) Advocating for rights through lobbying and organizing public campaigns: Raising public awareness about people with special needs in order to improve their quality of life through creation of different posters, short films, leaflets, and other promotional materials. Democratization, increased tolerance and human rights were the focus of our open debates, round table discussions, and research, just as well as strengthening the rights and approaching other issues through international conventions.
CSR activities focus on three main areas:

2) Providing educational, legal and health resources to all persons with special needs: Collection and distribution of informational material about available assistance to people with special needs. Individual assistance.

All the members and volunteers of the Center for Self Reliance work on generous and charitable basis and provide:
-Psycho Social Assistance
-Health and Rehabilitation
-Development of media campaigns and other non financial assistance.